No Man's Sword Kingdom\'s Bloodline
Being the most amateurish reincarnator, the first thing was that Thales lacked the general knowledge of science and technology, second -he wasn’t a skilled killer, third – he didn’t bring along any system or sci-fi brain chip, he can only bitterly struggle in the Kingdom’s dirtiest and poorest corner, a land driven with crimes and murders, with a desperately cling on life Until the day he was brought in front of the throne: a decaying kingdom refused to change, a shattere
ThEsHiPiSsAiLiNg Second Female Lead's Counterattack System: Hubby, I'm Waiting for You!
A girl travels to different worlds to face slap the main leads and complete missions for points. She focuses on hugging a big, golden thigh of a second male lead in the first story. However... Male Lead: "Why don't you hug my thighs? They are the biggest you can find." Girl: "NO! You are gonna kill me!" Turns around and runs. She looks back. Girl: "F*ck! Why are you chasing!" Male Lead...
SpiralCat I'll do anything to grab my wish
Roland, a retired soldier died in an old age like an ordinary human. In a space between world, he met a god that ask him, do you want to go to heaven or reincarnate to another world? ,roland just want a quiet and peaceful live so he ask god about what he want. but unfortunately he got reincarnated and genderbend with 3 wish and system, well she is to lazy to become OP character but she will do...

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